Hemp Hydrate Pack

Hemp for your Instruments Hemp is a naturally occuring plant that has for centuries provided food, textiles, building materials and an abundance of elements for use in thousands of products. Our team at the Natural Hemp Corporation have developed a range of products which can be used to nurish and maintain one of the most important parts of your stringed instrument. Hemp Seed Hydrate Oil with Frankincense has been developed by guitarists who are critical of guitar care and maintenence. 55% Hemp and 45% Organic Cotton Hemp and Organic Cotton Polishing Cloth This beautiful Australian made Hemp and Organic Cotton polishing cloth is a must for any musician who tenders their instrument with care. Lint free and double sided with silky cotton on one side and velvet polishing side. It is also anti bacterial and anti fungal. Breathe, breathe in the air..this stuff is amazing Hemp Hydrate Fretboard Conditioner Our Hemp Seed Oil and Frankincense hydrate oil is a 100% natural fretboard conditioner that cleans and nourishes your fretboard in one application. The natural wood colours will be highlighted with this all natural conditioner